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Julia Marie

Awakened Love Healing was birthed in the midst of a deep Spiritual Awakening that was initiated by the Twin Flame Journey. Leading up to my awakening I was wandering in every direction searching for answers that could only be found within. My healing journey lead me into the depths of my inner self where I began to uncover the undeniable pull of my soul.  I dove headfirst into the shadows, into the experiences that had programmed my internal beliefs and had me stuck repeating cycles over and over again. I began to clear all that was in me that did not align with divine love. My inner work consisted of recognizing and healing codependency, attachment, inner child wounds, negative self-talk, boundaries in relationships, and protecting my energy as an empath. 


My professional background consists of a Bachelor's in Social Work with a minor in Psychology. I am a professional career and life coach who utilizes a strengths-based solution-focused practice as well as intuitive and spirit lead channeled guidance to serve the collective.    


My awakening and the inner healing journey that followed, have opened the gates to my intuitive gifts & my connection to the divine to a much deeper level. I am here as a student and a teacher to share my healing and intuitive gifts to assist others in their journey of healing from the inside out.

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Julia is the warmest light I've ever experienced in a person. Whenever I find myself in a place of discomfort, I turn to her. She invites so much tenderness into the experience while providing deep clarity. She is an example of someone who lives their philosophy and speaks from such an embodied place. Whenever we connect - there is always a shift that takes place. I know this is because she has activated so many truths on her journey and just being in her presence (even if it's virtual) is transformational-as I get to experience those truths myself. I am so blessed to call Julia my (soul) friend.

Manara Healing

I’m a DF twinflame and listen frequently to messages about this journey on YouTube. Sometimes they resonate and some don’t. Recently I discovered Julia and started to listen to her guided messages. It resonated 100% with my situation that I subscribed immediately to her channel and receive notifications. Her messages felt so right, warm and pure that I requested a personal reading. I’m so soo happy I did this. I received a beautiful video with an amazing reading which was so on point! It made me cry and shake a bit because the messages were overwhelming but in a good way though. If something was not clear to me I could ask her in an email and she replied very quickly back with all the answers. She’s very honest and sweet and I recommend everyone who’s in this twinflame journey to request a personal reading from Julia. You won’t regret, trust me!


I am so thankful for my readings with Julia. I love how she picks up on the energies prior to the actual reading. Julia has been able to describe my situation with my divine counterpart to the T. When she completes a reading she always brings me back to reality by giving me clarity and guidance that I resonate with. I love how honest she is, it means a lot to me. I will continue to return to Julia for future readings.



Julia Marie

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